1. Registrant must be a current Sponsoring, Family, Supporting, or Endowed Member of the Sacred Well Congregation. (click here to become a member)

  2. Registrant must be have successfully completed either the Roedi Course or the Deaconry Training Program prior to enrollment in this course.

Tuition Schedule:

Individual: $200

The Neophyte Course, despite the title, is not for beginners. Rather, it is designed as intermediate and advanced training for people who have received their Neophyte Initiations in the Greencraft Tradition and are moving forward in their personal and spiritual development.

Successful mastery of this course represents the minimum level of training and experience required to be eligible for a Greencraft First Degree Initiation.

The course is designed in a modular syllabus format. Each module contains an section of programmed instruction, a workbook and practical exercise section, and a written examination. The curriculum also includes several outside reading assignments.

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a personal mentor.

This course will require serious commitment, study and practice.