Wiccan Coven Training is the traditional way Priestesses and Priests are trained. But, it is not always possible to participate in a Coven or receive quality education and mentorship. This largely depends on where you live and what groups are available in your geographical area. While nothing can totally replace traditional coven training, modern technologies allow us more freedom in choosing where and from whom to seek guidance.

With this in mind, Greencraft TCW offers two Traditional Wiccan Coven Training courses through Extension Courses. These first two levels of training – The Greencraft Roedi and the Greencraft Neophyte Training Course – completed in succession, will progress you through the level of 1st Degree in Greencraft Traditional Craft Wicca. Further education and and training is available through your mentor and/or coven upon completion of the two initial courses.

The Greencraft Tradition is an evolved form of its progenitor, the Alexandrian Tradition. Greencraft Wicca is evolved in the sense that it takes nothing away from its lineage, but adds much to it, with emphasis on nature and Celtic and Northern European shamanism, lore and mythology.

The founders of the Greencraft Tradition, Hera and Arghuicha, and Charter Members all brought influences to it. You will find hereditary elements, some elements of the American Elven Tradition, some elements of Danann, and elements that each of the principles brought from their own years of previous experience in the Craft and Occult practices.