An International Nature-Centered Church and Fellowship

The Sacred Well Congregation International is a Universalist, independent, non-evangelical Nature-centered Church. We are organized for the purpose of conducting and promoting religious worship on alternative Spiritual Paths. Our Church provides open, public venues for the practice of the Old Religions; we promote community benevolence efforts, spiritual counseling, and religious educational programs, and provide extensive spiritual and administrative support to service members, their families and military communities.

We believe that there are many paths leading to the same spiritual dwelling place, and we affirm the right of any individual to choose his or her own path, and the right of any group to worship the Divine in any lawful manner they may choose. Our beliefs are embodied in our Covenant of Five Tenets. While our Clergy and Kindred practice Traditional Craft Wicca (TCW) as an Nature-centered mystery religion, we honor and embrace all paths Sacred. We count among our members a number of Nature-Centered Spiritualties as well as members of more mainstream traditions.

Though we are chartered by the State of Texas, our Headquarters are in Missouri, and branches of our family tree extend far and wide. Our Kindred reside across all fifty States and in twenty-three nations on six continents. We are formally affiliated with the Greencraft™ Tradition of Wicca, a branch of the Continental Alexandrian line originating in the Benelux. We work in harmony and purpose with a number of individuals and organizations across North America and around the world to promote tolerance, understanding and love for all Paths Sacred. We are, in concept and in fact, a Church without walls.

Aman nai.