Introduction and Practical Application of GreencraftTM Wicca.

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Part I

Lesson 1 - Traditional Craft Wicca

Lesson 2 - Introduction to the Course

Lesson 3 - The Goddess

Lesson 4 – The God and The Wheel of the Year

Lesson 5 – The Pentagram and the Four Elements

Lesson 6 - The Ritual Circle

Part II: Introduction to Greencraft

Lesson 7– The Elements & Their Correspondences on the Wiccan Circle

Lesson 8 - The Greencraft Quarter Calls

Lesson 9 – The Sabbats in Greencraft

Lesson 10 – Ritual and Ceremonial Magic

Lesson 11 – Magical and Psychological Correspondences

Lesson 12 – The Zodiac and the Planets

Lesson 13 – Planetary Rulers

Lesson 14 – The Astral in Wicca

Lesson 15 – The Tree of Life

Lesson 16 – Chants

Assigned Reading Texts

Buckland, Raymond. (1997). Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft
Campanelli, Pauline and Dan. (1990). Wheel of the Year : Living the Magical...
Crowley,Vivianne. (1996). Wicca : The Old Religion in the New Age
Crowley,Vivianne. (1997). Principles of Wicca
Curott,Phyllis.(1998). Book of Shadows : A Modern Woman's...
Reed, Ellen Cannon. (1989). The Witches Qabalah

There will be an additional five elective texts required to complete this course.

After successful completion of this Course, the Student may request a Greencraft Neophyte Initiation.