Greencraft Wicca Extension Course 1


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  1. Registrant must be a current Sponsoring, Family, Supporting, or Endowed Member of the Sacred Well Congregation.
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  2. If under 18 years of age, registrant must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.


Course Tuition (individual): $150
Course Tuition (couple): $175
Group Tuition per student (5-10): $75
Group Tuition per student (over 10): $50


About the Roedi Course

The Roedi Course is the introduction Greencraft Tradition of Wicca and represents the minimum level of training and experience required to be eligible for a Greencraft Neophyte Initiation. The course is designed in a modular syllabus format. Each module contains an section of programmed instruction, a workbook and practical exercise section. and a written examination. The curriculum also includes several outside reading assignments. Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a personal mentor and added to the interactive mailing list for students and alumni of this course. This list provides a forum for robust discussion among current and former students, the several mentors and some coven-trained practitioners of the Greencraft Tradition.

The Greencraft Tradition is an evolved form of its progenitor, the Alexandrian Tradition. Greencraft Wicca is evolved in the sense that it takes nothing away from its lineage, but adds much to it, with emphasis on nature and Celtic and Northern European shamanism, lore and mythology. The founders of the Greencraft Tradition, Hera and Arghuicha, and Charter Members all brought influences to it. You will find hereditary elements, some elements of the American Elven Tradition, some elements of Danann, and elements that each of the principles brought from their own years of previous experience in the Craft and Occult practices. The basic course consists of seven structured lessons. Each lesson will consist of core text material, practical exercises and outside assignments. Outside assignments include reading, meditation, journaling, and the acquisition and preparation of magical implements. This program will require serious work and commitment to successfully complete.

Nothing can totally replace traditional coven training. Yet, part of that training can indeed be achieved through the correspondence course and the mentorship established with this program. When your registration is completed, you will be provided the course material and other instructions to get you started in the program. You will also be assigned a personal mentor to oversee your training and subscribed to a e-group specifically for students of this program. This will provide a forum for interaction among all of the students and all of the mentors, a place to get to know each other, discuss ideas and assignments, and make up for some of the personal contact that is missing from ordinary correspondence courses.