The Sacred Well Congregation and the Greencraft™ Tradition of Craft Wicca are intimately and inseparably related. The Congregation is a legal entity that provides for free expression of the religious faith and practice of alternative spiritual paths. The Congregation sponsors open, public circles around the world. The Greencraft™ Tradition is the path followed by the senior leadership and elders of the Congregation. One might think of the Congregation as the Parish Church and the Tradition as the monastic orders of that Church.

The Greencraft™ Tradition of Traditional Craft Wicca stems from the Alexandrian Tradition of TCW. There are a number of things that set Greencraft™ apart from other traditions of the Craft. The following have been integrated into our training and practice:

  • The Greencraft™ Tree of Life, similar to, but distinct from the Jewish and Hermetic systems. It is based on the Solar/Cosmic Cycle.

  • The Greencraft™ Runic Wheel of the Year. It is based on the Solar/Agricultural Cycle and the traditional Elder Futhark.

  • Four initiations and three degrees; the composite body of Greencraft™ lore and teaching materials.

  • Use of an Irish Runic System, developed by Michael Ragan and used by permission. It is used on the Tree of Life and Tarot but it is different from the Elder Futhark on the Runic Wheel of the Year.

  • The traditional Celtic tree system and associated power animals as they apply to our Tradition.

  • A unique tree calendar that integrates the more common lunar and solar calendars; it consists of 13 months of 28 days and a day that is not a day. Each calendar day is assigned a specific tree and a specific power animal; each week is ruled by an Element, and a Heaven Dragon and an Earth Dragon each rule a fortnight and two elements.

  • A primarily Celtic pantheon, although Deities from other pantheons are found in our lore.

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