Sacred Well Congregation
PO Box 64, Butler, Missouri 64730

Board of Deacons (BoD)
Rev. David L. Oringderff,
Rev. René Delaere (Arghuicha)
Rev. Dewey Oringderff (Claymore)
Rev. Willow
Rev. Ronald Schaefer (Astralaya)
Rev. James Ryan Adams (La Terre)
Rev. Paul Syck (Paul)
Rev. David O. Kling (David)

Executive Officers of the Congregation
Executive DirectorRev. David L. Oringderff, PhD (Taniquetil)
Vice-Executive DirectorRev. Ronald Schaefer (Astralaya)
Chief Administrative OfficerRev. Willow Oringderff
Chief Financial OfficerRev. David L. Oringderff, PhD (Taniquetil)(interim)

Appointed Officers of the Congregation
Director of Community AffairsRev. Paul Syck (Paul)
Director of Military AffairsRev. Paul Syck (Paul)
Congregational ChaplainRev. David O. Kling (David)
Congregational ChaplainRev. Sandra Harris (Khalila RedBird)

International Executive Council of Clerics (IEC)
Rev. Unna Berg (Hera)
Rev. René Delaere (Arghuicha)
Rev. David L. Oringderff, PhD (Taniquetil)
Rev. Willow

Sacred Well Congregation European Executive Council (SWCEEC)
Rev. René Delaere (Arghuicha)
(Permanent Member), Chair
Rev. Unna Berg (Hera)
(Permanent Member), Vice-Chair
Rev. Kristaan Keymeulen (Merlyn),
Rev. Charles Goossens (Anteros),
Rev. Valentina Aerts (Alexandra)
Rev. Dominique Baptist (Wolf)