The Sacred Well Congregation provides religious education and services, spiritual and social support to military members and their families world-wide, as well as local communities where we have a presence.

We provide educational material and direct support upon request to military commanders and chaplains and institution directors and chaplains. We are a Religious Endorsing Body member of the COMISS, and endorse chaplains to hospitals and correctional facilities. We provide pastoral, spiritual and adjunctive counseling in areas where we have the resources to do so. We provide Denominational Sponsorship and Endorsement for 40 Military Open Circles and 9 Community Open circles in the US and Europe.

Our services, programs and activities are open to all who seek, regardless of faith, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical impairments. Through our Endorsed Officers, the Sacred Well Congregation provided services, programs and events that in 2009 had a total attendance of 32, 461. Our services continue to expand in an effort to keep up with the growing need.

If you are eligible to participate in the CFC, please support the Congregation by designating your contribution to our efforts.