Rev. Shane Nelson

Director of Military Affairs

Shane is a healer, a teacher, a chaplain, and a ritual leader that has been actively walking his path of Nature-Centered Spirituality for over twenty years. His path has led him across the country and internationally, serving the larger Pagan community and training in the traditions of Greencraft Wicca and Asatru.

Healer — Shane earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December 2017. Since graduating, he has obtained specialty training and experience in working with trauma, substance abuse, and spirituality. Currently, Shane is a counselor helping others heal and grow.

Teacher — Shane is a faculty instructor at Cherry Hill Seminary as part of the pastoral counseling department, teaching courses on spiritual counseling, self-care, and human development. Additionally, Shane has taught primitive survival summer camp programs and high school career and technical education classes.

Chaplain — Shane serves three days a week as a hospital chaplain intern. He provides support for patients, families, and friends as they experience birth, illness, injury, and death.
Ritual Leader — Shane has served as a ritual leader for Sacred Well Congregation since 2006, providing Open Circle rituals nationally and internationally. Sacred Well Congregation is a non-denominational Wiccan organization. Through training and experience gained with Sacred Well Congregation, Shane is legally ordained to provide all rites of passage (Naming & Blessing Rites, Coming of Age Rites, Handfasting Rites, Naming a Sage/Crone Rites, and Funerary Rites). Shane has been a participating member of The Asatru Community since 2017, providing rituals as requested. The Asatru Community is an inclusive, international Asatru organization. Shane is working towards ordination through The Asatru Community. Shane is in the final year of his Master of Divinity program.