Distance Learning Programs
The Sacred Well Congregation has formed and chartered the International Institute for Cultural and Religious Studies. This is our latest initiative and will require five to seven years to become fully operational. We are currently developing the structure, curriculum and facilities for the Institute. We solicit your support and recommendations.

Ordination info
Beginner to Advanced
gives information on the requirements for ordinations

The Sacred Well Congregation currently offers three distance learning programs:
Deaconry Training Program
Beginner to Intermediate
The Deaconry Training Program (DTP) is designed for Members who are interested in the study of Traditional Craft Wicca (TCW) and interested in becoming Ordained Officers in the Congregation. The DTP includes the Roedi Course in its entirety and other work that prepares the student for Ordination into the Deaconry of the Sacred Well Congregation.
Clergy Training
Intermediate to Advanced
For our Clergy training we have opted to work together with Cherry Hill Seminary to meet the educational requirements for ordination. Cherry Hill Seminary is an instituttion of higher learning that specialises in preparing pagans for ministery. The course you would want to follow for ordination by SWC is the Community Ministry Certificate course Please visit their website for more information on this course.
Upon successful completion of the course and after approval of your application package with SWC you will get an Emmisary certificate. After serving for a year and a day in good standing you can be an ordained minister in the Sacred Well Congregation
Beginner,Intermediate and Advanced
There are two Greencraft courses offered here. One is the roedie course, the other is the Neophyte course, wich is the follow on of the Roedie course.